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End-to-end excellence: Pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for the dermatology industry

At BASF, our experts understand the many sides of dermatology – the challenges of creating a stable, high-performance formulation while ensuring a pleasant and appealing look and feel.

Our new and improved portfolio for topical applications goes above and beyond these requirements, delivering a host of value-added benefits to our customers. Whatever the excipient or active ingredient, BASF is the right partner for the dermatology industry.

Our broad product range has had an extensive makeover, now featuring exciting innovations such as improved topical delivery systems and milder excipients – plus new names for our main lines. What’s more, from emollients to APIs, our entire dermatology line meets the highest standards and all relevant regulatory requirements.


Why choose BASF for your topicals challenges?

  • Key industry partner, with a broad dermatological ingredients portfolio
  • Extensive expertise and understanding of topical products
  • Innovative breakthroughs such as improved delivery systems
  • Meets the highest regulatory and quality requirements

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Pharmaceutical-grade emollients – with exceptional sensory qualities.


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Innovative emulsifiers and solubilizers for all topical challenges.


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Consistency factors with a pharmaceutical-grade edge.


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Premium solvents, manufactured to the highest standards.


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Gel formers

High-quality poloxamers for the toughest challenges.


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Unique API portfolio for dermatology.


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