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Ludiflash® – The taste of success

Demand is growing for tablets that disintegrate in the mouth within seconds, quickly releasing the active ingredients for rapid relief. That is precisely how Ludiflash works – and with a smoother, creamier texture than any other excipient to date.

As a manufacturer, you need flowability, compressibility, hardness and stability – guaranteeing your products are suitable for polyethylene containers and push-through blisters. In fact, on all of these scores, Ludiflash will exceed anything you have experienced. You are free to use your own production facilities. Retain full control over your formulation, the manufacturing process and your expertise.
No license. No royalities. No confidentiality agreement.

Ludiflash® Video

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The movie covers all important aspects of Ludiflash:
its application and manufacturing at a glance.

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Ludiflash® –
The taste of success

Making tablets as smooth
as ice cream

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