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Ibuprofen from the world leader.

With over 75 years’ experience in APIs, BASF is the world leader in generic actives such as theophylline, pseudoephedrine, caffeine and ibuprofen. And for over 20 years, we have been manufacturing ibuprofen at our FDA-audited, cGMP-certified site in Bishop, Texas – offering a portfolio that delivers unparalleled quality, safety and security of supply. Our wide range includes innovative compounds that slash production time and costs, and faster-acting products that provide rapid pain relief. What’s more, customers benefit from the industry’s most eco-efficient production process, which minimizes waste by avoiding chromium and aluminum salts.

Why BASF is the pharmaceutical sector’s number-one choice for ibuprofen:

  • In-depth expertise: 20 years’ experience manufacturing ibuprofen
  • Proven sustainability: The industry’s most eco-efficient ibuprofen production process
  • Quality you can rely on: BASF sets standards in compliance, safety and supply security
  • Trust in the world leader: 75 years’ experience in generic APIs make BASF a trusted partner

Ibuprofen DC 85

Designed specifically for direct compression, Ibuprofen DC 85 minimizes stickiness – accelerating manufacturing processes and cutting costs.


Ibuprofen Sodium Dihydrate

Ibuprofen Sodium dissolves faster than conventional ibuprofen, delivering rapid and effective pain relief.


Racemic Ibuprofen Lysinate

Fast-acting Racemic Ibuprofen Lysinate rapidly dissolves for more efficient pain relief.


Ibuprofen Powder

BASF offers a range of high-quality ibuprofen powders: Ibuprofen 25, suitable for suspensions, creams, and granulation; Ibuprofen 38 and Ibuprofen 50, suitable for wet granulation; and Ibuprofen 70, suitable for wet and dry granulation.